Guest Communication Channels

We strongly believe that hoteliers know best how to provide their guests with a unique experience. That is why Hotel MSSNGR offers hoteliers eight different communication channels to chose from. Some of them are visible to guests as new and innovative solutions – others are invisible to guests behind the scenes. Hotel MSSNGR’s modular approach enables hoteliers to chose the channels that best suit their property and their guests. Naturally, a hotel and guests develop over time, channels can be added or removed any time. Regardless of your choice, Hotel MSSNGR will greatly increase the productivity of all staff involved in guest relations.

Native smartphone and tablet apps

One of the key products of Hotel MSSNGR. Individual, running on the personal device of your guests and in use almost 24/7. Hotel MSSNGR’s smartphone and tablet apps are the most valuable and feature-rich communication channels for both your guests and the hotel. Offer the most sophisticated and personal access to what goes on in your hotel. Allow all kinds of services, activities, and orders to be carried on your own. Install your brand on your guests’ home screen to take them with you wherever they go. There are many reasons why Hotel MSSNGR’s native apps should be the focus of your reinvented guest communication.

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Web app

Hotel MSSNGR’s progressive web app is the ideal entry point to our bring-your-own-device approach for your guests. Runs on EVERY smartphone and tablet. This tool does not require a download, yet it features almost all the functionalities of the Hotel MSSNGR universe. Simply offer access when you log into your WiFi or after scanning a QR code at reception. Getting started with your digital guest communication on your guests’ device is as easy as that.

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Digital signage

Touch screens in the public areas are a great tool for your guests to find out what’s happening in the hotel. Alternatively, passive displays inform your guest with a carrousel slide show. While the displays will impress your guests, the bigger the better, Hotel MSSNGR’s digital signage feeds run on almost all the box screens. As always, the content to be displayed can be customized to the location of its display.

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In-room TV

Chances are that you are offering an in-room TV channel about your hotel. The chances are good, the content is an image film without much use for the guest. Hotel MSSNGR’s in-room TV channel makes it easy to change this. Make all Hotel MSSNGR’s content available to your guests in multiple languages. As it runs on almost all existing TV hardware, switching on this guest communication channel is a no brainer.

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Smart TV

Hotel MSSNGR’s smart TV app is easy to use. Guests can browse all content. Booking activities or reserving a table or ordering room service is an easy tasks. Add value to your TV content by offering your guests an upsell solution right on the remote control in their hands.

Printable PDFs

Staying true to your design principles day in and day out on all print materials is almost impossible. It most likely has been impossible so far. Hotel MSSNGR’s carbon engine takes the hassle out of it. By simply storing and then dropping all CMS content into templates, which equal your requirements 100% pixel perfect. Literally anyone can now produce your print PDFs with the exact 5* quality you designed them to be. And all this in no time.

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Website integration

You may have a webcam view integrated on your website. Consider integrating Hotel MSSNGR’s content in a similar way over what is currently going on in the hotel . A “content webcam” to show potential bookers what is so great about being a guest in your hotel. Fantastic activities, delicious culinary menus, inspiring lectures and soothing spa treatments. Hotel MSSNGR can be easily integrated into your existing website in various formats .

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Newsletter integration

Your guests long to stay with you weeks before they arrive. Take advantage of these emotions and encourage them to book offers, services and activities in advance. Hotel MSSNGR’s content can be exported to your existing newsletter engine. Pre arrival newsletters can inform guests what to book, what to pack and what to expect for their stay. This results in even happier guests, additional revenue, and fewer disappointments when activities are fully booked upon arrival.

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Hotel MSSNGR offers eight different guest channels for hoteliers to chose from

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