A few of the many reasons to use the Hotel MSSNGR communication suite

Hotels using Hotel MSSNGR hotels are very individual. And most of them have different problems to be solved. To help you understand how and where Hotel MSSNGR can help, below are some examples about how Hotel MSSNGR helps our customers to achieve their goals on improving their guest communication.

Your success is our success

Hotel MSSNGR simply wouldn’t exist without our fantastic clients, their trust in our product and their continued support. A big thank you ? to all of you. Since our start in 2011 it is our most important goal to make you successful in your daily guest communication. Our dedicated Customer Success Team works very closely with our clients to develop and improve Hotel MSSNGR according to the specific needs of hoteliers and their teams. See in detail how we strive for your daily success!

The best of both worlds: personal support and self-service support

Only a very few of Hotel MSSNGR’s clients are 100% digital. Most combine personal and digital self-service in a very individual way. Based on Hotel MSSNGR’s modular approach, this is exactly what we support you with: To customize your guest communication to individually math your guests, your staff and your property.

Our Principles! - Why Hotel MSSNGR is different - and most importantly how it helps you

To have principles, a clear vision and a very focused product approach is what drives our entrepreneurial life. and of course Hotel MSSNGR is based on very defined principles as well. The major being, Hotel MSSNGR is made to improve your guest communication onsite. You, the hoteliers – and not technology – are the focus of what we do.

Our focus, are our clients : 4 and 5* resort hotels

Hotel MSSNGR is a niche product. This enables us to focus consistently on specific solutions for our clients. But there are different setups within this niche. Our cherry picking approach enables every user group to benefit enormously from our software.

What our clients say about Hotel MSSNGR

Listen in to find out how they work with us and how they enhanced their onsite guest communication by working with Hotel MSSNGR, using our 8 different communication channels

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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