Web Stream

Hotel MSSNGR’s Web Stream makes it possible for hotels to display their daily guest communication content on their website. This gives guests a glimpse of all the great activities happening at the hotel. With Hotel MSSNGR’s website interface, all content is easily integrated via XML or JSON formats and updated live and automatically.


With Hotel MSSNGR’s web SDK, the integration of the guest communication content is very easy to integrate into any hotel website. All content and filtering functionality is provided through our well-documented SDK, but can be styled to fit any website design.

Multiple export formats

For any hotel looking for a more structured way to integrate guest content into their website, our JSON or XML format exports offer the perfect solution. Any design and filterable in any possible way, that is the option of the expert. Again, a well-documented, state-of-the-art interface delivers fast and reliable results.

Structured data

Hotels MSSNGR’s website integration provides access to our structured database. This means that all data can be called up granularly. This allows Hotel MSSNGR’s customers to tailor how this data is presented on the website. To name just a few examples, you can choose from date and time, content types, areas of interest, tags, usage data, geo data, and many other field types.

Auto update

You don’t have to worry about updating a guest channel manually. Of course, Hotel MSSNGR’s Web Stream is updated in real-time to always provide up-to-date information.

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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