In-room TV

Hotel MSSNGR delivers all communication content for your guests to the televisions in the room. Hotel MSSNGR enables guests to view curated guest information in the form of a slide show on their in-room TVs. Our sophisticated content engine delivers site-specific content. Multilingual support is provided by default. Hotel MSSNGR’s in-room TV solution works with standard hotel TV broadcast systems and typically does not require any additional investment.

Legacy hardware

Hotel MSSNGR’s TV in-room channels run on all legacy TV systems. We believe that upgrading to Hotel MSSNGR’s guest communication solution shouldn’t require you to invest in new hardware. Feeding the TV network in the room is easy via Hotel MSSNGR’s website-based in-room TV feed.


Since Hotel MSSNGR supports unlimited guest languages, so does the in-room TV channel. Either feed different languages into all rooms or specify the language for each room. Easy and without any daily effort. Another reason Hotel MSSNGR saves up to 2 days of the hotel staff’s weekly time for guest communication.

Configurable Content

Hotel MSSNGR allows hotels to determine which content they want to show on which in-room TV. This can be either based on language or information. With Hotel MSSNGR’s tagging system, it is very easy to define which content is to be displayed on which television in the room!

In-Room TV for free

Need only a small set of our In-Room TV feature? Try our extralight version of In-Room TV which comes entirely free forever! This comes handy for smaller porperties with less demand for guest communication but with high demand for Hotel MSSNGR’s 5* quality.

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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