Hotel MSSNGR's analytics toolbox reveals deep, valuable and actionable insights into your guest's behavior

To be honest, the guest’s behavior during her onsite stay is a black box. Of course, you know that the guest checked in and that they checked out. You can review her folios to interpret interests and demands. This is rather peanuts compared to the behavioral data derived from a user on your website. Hotel MSSNGR closes the gap between knowing possible everything about a potential guest before arriving at your property and knowing almost nothing while she is on-site. Hotel MSSNGR’s analytics tool enables your team to get insights on the guest’s behavior onsite by collecting and analyzing her behavior across all Hotel MSSNGR touch points. And we can even track physical movement patterns, too – of course all that well within GDPR guidelines.

Active users

A standard KPI, but one of the most important ones. How many users have been online in your Hotel MSSNGR communication channels within the last days? What’s the active reach? How many people can you pro actively communicate with? Access to this data in real time in the Hotel MSSNGR content hub.


What did your guests do in the Hotel MSSNGR com channels? Which content did they look at? What’s most important to your guests? And what isn’t? Which desk in the hotel did they call via the app? Which function did the check with? How many pinboard messages for which topics have been sent? Which of your content has been shared with others via social media? Questions, questions, questions – Hotel MSSNGR‘s analytics answers them all.

Session duration

How much time did your guests spend in your com channels? How does this KPI vary over time? Do different types of guests spent different amounts of time online?

Geo position and heat maps

From which geo positions inside and outside the hotel do your guest access your communication channels? You will be astonished how many visits you will get from far away the hotel. Yes, your guests love you and the want to be part of the experience even when they are not onsite! Yes, we can do Wi-Fi or beacon based heat maps as well (also in combination with auto content recommendations based on the guest‘s granular geo position – sounds too fancy? Talk to us, we‘re super happy to explain!)

Areas of interest

What kind of offers, activities, program is most interesting to your guests? Are there differences by season, type of guests? Which areas of interest should you further push? Which ones are nice to have but less important?

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