A few of the many reasons to use the Hotel MSSNGR communication suite

Hotels using Hotel MSSNGR hotels are very individual. And most of them have different problems to be solved. To help you understand how and where Hotel MSSNGR can help, below are some examples about how Hotel MSSNGR helps our customers to achieve their goals on improving their guest communication.

Generate onsite revenue

Hotel MSSNGR generates revenue of more than € 1,500 per guest and stay*. Our hotels profit tremendously from an onsite revenue stream initiated by self-performed bookings and reservation through the hotel’s Hotel MSSNGR native and web apps. Hotel MSSNGR’s cloud based back office booking engines for the use of the hotel’s staff significantly ease processes and increase efficiency.

*per guests who either performed min. 1 booking/reservation per stay via the Hotel MSSNGR native and web app of the hotel and/or via the hotel staff which used the Hotel MSSNGR back office booking engines to administer this booking.

Increase staff focus on guests - not on back office work

Guest admin work ties staff to the back office without any guest contact. Especially in times where good staff is hard to find, Hotel MSSNGR frees the front office staff to work directly with the hotel’s guests as Hotel MSSNGR automates many of the associated back office tasks and saves 2 days of the daily admin effort on guest communication.

Reduce paper based communication - become more environmentally friendly

Tons of paper are thrown away every day. Guest communication on paper has to be produced with natural resources and power, has to be delivered to the hotel. Needs to printed and distributed throughout the hotel. After being used it is thrown away and has to be gathered by the waste collection. Digital communication avoids all this. If you want to reduce your footprint, an easy way to start is switching to digital but still personal and activating means of communication. Hotel MSSNGR features 8 digital communication channels and helps you to achieve exactly this goal.

Manage an aligned high quality communication across a group of hotels

Group headquarters have a difficult job. Design, aligning and supervising the daily guest communication and onsite upselling without being onsite is tough. Hotel MSSNGR’s guest communication suite enables headquarters to perform this task easily. Group wide design and graphic standards, communication templates and analytics to compare the performance of the different group hotels make it easy to accomplish the goal while elevating the guest experience to new standards.

Enhance text and graphics quality in the entire guest communication

Setting up high design and graphics standards throughout your entire guest communication is quite an effort. But maintaining these standards in detail on a day to day basis is even more difficult. Hotel MSSNGR guarantees your corporate design is applied to your guest communication. Every day. But without the daily manual quality assurance – securing the right font size and color, spacing correct, layout as intended and much more. Hotel MSSNGR does all that automatically so that you and your team can focus on the most important part of your job: the guests.

Refresh communication channels and offer more choices to your guests

You think your guest communication could need an update? Want to be more innovative? Think about digital self-service offers? With Hotel MSSNGR you can easily reboot your communication setup. Chose among nine different channels to communicate with your guests. Our modular approach makes it easy to switch on and off different channels based on – for example – seasonal preferences. And the best: Instead of adding extra work to your team Hotel MSSNGR saves 70-90% of the daily guest communication effort. Do more with less effort with Hotel MSSNGR!

Offer self service and increase contactless interaction with your guests

Contactless guest interaction is an often required way to work with your guests. Hotel MSSNGR features many tools to enable your guests to self-serve themselves on their personal digital devices. From keyless guest room entry to room service ordering, digital menu cards to contactless check in and check out and many more features, Hotel MSSNGR helps you to serve your guests at highest standards while complying with all health restrictions. All features are available as a PMS integrated and also as a non-integrated version. You can start using these features today to do all for the safety of your guests and your staff while keeping your processes efficient.

Hotel MSSNGR is proud to serve these fine hotels and resorts and many more:

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