6 tipps on how to make your guests’ booking experience more personal

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Written by Antonia Sano 29.March 2023

Each hotel is unique. And so is the way it interacts with their guests and the content that they want to provide them with.
Especially booking processes through the app, such as golf courses, table reservations or room service options are not only significant revenue boosters, but above all, they are highly individual. Take full advantage of your app by customising it precisely to your needs to make sure your guests feel perfectly cared for and considered in this process.


Best practice #1: Speak directly to your guests with a matching button text

Along the same lines, button texts can also be completely customized: “Book here” is something anyone can do, but how about addressing your guests directly?
Appeal to your guests and their needs by configuring a custom button text: “Start your vacation here!” when booking daybeds or “Join the talk!” when promoting a conference talk. Don’t make it too long, though, or it will quickly look cluttered and get read over.

This is how:

Replace the placeholder right above the booking icons in the booking settings area of the respective entry with your desired passage.

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