Cocooning for your guests: Offer room service the efficient way

Room service orders are definitely a must-have offering at most hotels. However they impose quite a process hazzle to the hotel’s F&B staff. While Hotel MSSNGR’s software cannot yet take over preparation and delivery of drinks and food, our room service booking can tremendously help to make the order process more efficient. Simply activate our room service booking tool and let your guest browse the online menu in your Hotel MSSNGR native and web apps, plus on your digital signage and in-room TV feeds. Let them place orders all by themselves. No magic required but saves precious staff capacity and keeps guests happy.

Your digital menu

Sorry to bring up the COVID memories again, but since then digital menus are widely accepted by guests. As these provide a huge efficiency leap, why not trash your paper menus and focus on digital versions instead? Hotel MSSNGR’s data management hub makes it super easy to set up and maintain your digital drin & food offering. Allergies, variants, stock outs – all set up with a few clicks. All from a PC with web access anywhere. And if paper still matters to you, our Carbon PDF module prints your menus 100% pixel perfect to your corporate design requirements fully automatic. Sounds too easy? No, simply believe in Hotel MSSNGR’s room service order.

24/7 or not? 😪

Each of our clients is unique. And so is your hotel. Do you offer different menus at different times of the day? Breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night? Does the room service close for some hours at night? Might be, that guest ignore these facts and might get annoyed, when the freshly made Tiramisu is not available 24/7? Hotel MSSNGR’s room service order displays menu options based on your time and availability settings. Guests will simply not see what’s not offered. This is one small example on how Hotel MSSNGR tries to help you and your team to keep your guests super happy at all times.

Never miss an order

Room service shifts can be truly hectic at times. And if orders are running late or even missed guest get annoyed at times. The electronic order process helps to keep track 100% of all orders coming in. Ok, point taken. But what about orders not passed on to the kitchen. Our text to speech escalation makes sure, every incoming order is processed. And if not, a configurable reminder call will gently point your staff to open orders to be passed on. Imagine a workplace where hectic and stress is (almost) not present 😍.

Here to connect 🖥️

Imagine a room service order process, where incoming orders are automatically routed to the kitchen plus tracked on the room’s folio in your PMS. If this what you envision, Hotel MSSNGR got good news for you. With major PMS, our turnkey integrations enable a fully digital process. However – to be honest – what Hotel MSSNGR cannot yet do: Prepare the meal 👩‍🍳 – but trust us, we’re working hard on this feature, too!

Here's how our room service orders looks and works

This is how Hotel MSSNGR's room service orders works for your staff

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