Always at your service!

The concierge’s motto is also what Hotel MSSNGR’s concierge book has in mind. A fully digital solution to enter, work on and track all concierge requests. Easy to handle, accessible and efficient.

An often overseen and still analogue process is the concierge desk. Old school is definitely impressive and
trust worthy. But is it efficient as well? Not quite – that’s why Hotel MSSNGR developed the electronic and fully digital concierge book. All online, accessible from everywhere, no data lost, multiple users in parallel. Simply all advantages of a fully digital solution. Again, free time so that your concierges can care even more for their quests.

Anywhere you go

Do you have a concierge back office to work on the guest requests? Is this back office even physically at a different location? Difficult for a paper based book – no problem at all for Hotel MSSNGR’s concierge book. Accessible from anywhere in the property, in the city, in the world. Perfect for distributed teams, even if they are just a few meters away from each other.

Simply digital

Erased or crossed out entries. Hard to read. Past pages torn out. Paper space running out. All simple but common and annoying problems of paper based solutions. All problems of the past. Hotel MSSNGR’s solution is simply digital: All entries perfectly readably, all archived, unlimited space, custom forms. Free your concierge team from the annoying tasks to enable them to care even more for your guests!

1, 2, 3... - as many users as you want!

Chances are good your concierge team is more than one at a time. Desks can get pretty crowded and so access to the paper based concierge book for everyone is sometimes impossible. Hotel MSSNGR’s digital concierge book is accessible in parallel to as many users as you need. All the colleagues need is a tablet or desktop PC. Every can work in parallel – super fast, super efficient.

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