Your success is our success

Without our fantastic clients, their trust in our product and their continuous support Hotel MSSNGR would simply not exist. A BIG thank you 😊 to all of you. Knowing this since our start in 2011 our most important is and will ever be to make you successful in your daily guest communication. Our dedicated Customer Success Team works super close with our clients to develop and improve Hotel MSSNGR to the very needs of the hoteliers and their teams. See in detail how we strive for your daily success!

Best of both: personal and self-serve support

Depending on the issue and the urgency we are all hybrid customers. The same is true for our support pattern. Really complex issues require a human support agent – but might take some time to be solved. Smaller but often urgent issues can be self-served. And best of all, issues should not appear at all. Hotel MSSNGR‘s support and customer success specialists set up a three fold approach for you to get the perfect support you need.

Our proactive onboarding explains all details of our content hub in detail. Separated in different tours enables all team members to learn at their own pace and scope. A huge library of videos and articles in our support section enables to find yourself what your are looking for 24/7. And if you want and/or need, there‘s our team of customer success managers available to help you with detailed and empathic instructions.

As close and frequent as you want

We want to serve you even better tomorrow! That‘s why we love to listen to you and understand your needs. With numerous clients recurring jour fixes to discuss your needs, understand your use cases and discuss potential solutions have been established. We would love to also include you in this very personal forum of support. Of course up fully taking care of your availabilities and time constraints.

Free for ever

Unlike with others, support and customer success management are no profit centers at Hotel MSSNGR. That‘s why we NEVER charge for support. In contrary we value support as one of the most important ways to listen to our clients. And to successfully continue our never ending strive to helping you to improve further in your daily guest communication.

Pleased to meet you

Though being a fully digital company Hotel MSSNGR is keen to get into physical contact. That‘s why we regularly visit our clients. That‘s how we do onsite trainings, understand local use of the product and help our clients to improve the use and productivity of their Hotel MSSNGR services.

How to start

Starting with Hotel MSSNGR is easy. And well supported right from the beginning. After being introduced to our customer success team, they will take your hand and guide you through our setup and onboarding process. Within a couple of days all Hotel MSSNGR services are ready to go and your team will benefit largely right from the start.

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