Generate onsite revenue larger than € 1,500 per guest and stay*

In 2020, our clients have generated over € 1500 onsite revenue per guest per stay* through Hotel MSSNGR. Hotel guests of our customers book and reserve restaurant tables, order room service menus, participate in activities, reserve beach chairs, book sports courts and many other services in and outside the hotel. In addition, Hotel MSSNGR‘s clients benefit significantly from more efficient and much simpler processes through our cloud-based booking engines.

A proven ROI: More than € 1500 onsite revenues per guest

Hotel MSSNGR enables hotels to generate more onsite revenues. Proven by many years of operation in our client’s hotels, Hotel MSSNGR delivers significant volume to your P&L. Regardless which products, services, offers or activities you would like to offer, our booking engines are mega flexible and will most probably handle it all. And with Hotel MSSNGR’s hotelier centric apporach, you decide if your guest should be enabled to book themselves or the bookings should always run through the hotel’s staff. By the way: Hotel which offer both ways to book see twice as many guest bookings than staff generated bookings.

Room service orders

Hotel MSSNGR‘s room service tool enables your guest to order room service through your Hotel MSSNGR native apps or through your web app. Your guests profit from an activating presentation of your menu card to a convenient user experience. And the internal handling will improve to.

Click here to learn more about room service orders

Sports court reservations

Sports courts reservation like tennis courts, squash or volleyball are often stressful to the team. Back and forth bookings and cancellation, frequent calls to find out what‘s still available. All this can be autonomously handled by your guests themselves. At an even higher service level than before as information and booking is available 24/7.

Find out how sports court reservation can support you

Activity bookings

Are your activities like hiking tours, cultural events or kids program often too attractive to accommodate everyone who would like to participate? Does your guest relations team have to handle many requests individually just to tell your guest „we are fully booked“?. Hotel MSSNGR‘s activity booking engine will take much stress from your team, by offering all activities to your guests and encourage them to book theirselves.

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Restaurant table reservations

Coordinating restaurant table reservations can be quite a mess. A single paper-based (non-cloud based digital reservation files are not much better) reservation list needs to be accessed from many guest touch points. Many phone calls – internally and guest facing – often are necessary to finally get a reservation done. Let‘s hope the guest does not alter her plans. All this is much easier with Hotel MSSNGR. Proactively listing all availabilities encourage guests to book and by guests booking themselves (cancelling and altering the reservation too) everyone involved is happier.

See how Hotel MSSNGR supports table booking

Back office booking engines for staff use

Not every guest is happy with self-service booking via smart phone. Honestly, even we as digital afficionados think, this is totally ok. Even some hotels we serve are that small and personal that offering self service bookings is simply out of style. Nevertheless Hotel MSSNGR helps. All our booking engines are also available for staff use. Your team will profit big time from a start of the art cloud based booking engine covering all complex requirements of running a restaurant.

Guest self service

Think your guests do not want to do self service bookings? Chances are good, these guests have not seen and used the Hotel MSSNGR booking engines. On average guest book more than twice as often themselves than they do old school via the hotel staff. With Hotel MSSNGR we support you to go either way, as you know best about your guests, your team and your property. And if in doubt, try both: Offer your guests self service bookings and via your staff. Using Hotel MSSNGR will make either way super simple and easy.

*per guests who either performed min. 1 booking/reservation per stay via the Hotel MSSNGR native and web app of the hotel and/or via the hotel staff which used the Hotel MSSNGR back office booking engines to administer this booking.

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