Why Hotel MSSNGR is different - and most important - how this helps you

Single source of data

We believe in the school of Design Thinking. Very much shortened, one of it’s key dogmas is discovering and understanding the user’s problem rather than solving it in the first place. After speaking to many of most experienced and innovative GMs and CEOs of the hospitality industry we are sure that simply adding additional guest communication channels without grounding them on a systematic approach is not the answer. That’s why we invented Hotel MSSNGR content hub, the single source of data.

Login or no login?

Yes, native apps make much sense!

The very short answer is YES, native apps still make much sense. And this is exactly why they are a major guest communication channel we offer. Among seven others. Performance wise native apps beat progressive web apps. Their UX is superior and due to OS specific elements used to large parts of the users. Certain features as e.g. offline availability and the reception of push messages are rather hard to replicate in browser based apps. And having a guest installed your app on her smart phone’s home screen is one of the best marketing wins you can achieve. And no, no one installs website URLs as app icons on their phone’s home screen (at least no one we know of).

You decide

API driven


Content agnostic

Cloud based

Channel agnostic


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