Why Hotel MSSNGR is different - and most important how this helps you

Single source of data

We believe in the school of Design Thinking. Very much shortened, one of it’s key dogmas is discovering and understanding the user’s problem rather than solving it in the first place. After speaking to many of most experienced and innovative GMs and CEOs of the hospitality industry we are sure that simply adding additional guest communication channels without grounding them on a systematic approach is not the answer. That’s why we invented the Hotel MSSNGR single entry content hub, our single source of data.

White label

We see our selves as a service provider. This is why all our products come as white label products. Your guest communication should happen in your own communication channels. Your guests will not see any advertising (unless it is your own decision) nor any competitors. It’s all yours and Hotel MSSNGR is at your service.

Change for the better

Yes, your processes need to change to fully benefit from Hotel MSSNGR new approach to onsite guest communication. This is a change to the better! More efficient processes. Happier team. Less errors. More time to work with your guests. Better graphics quality.

So, yes, you need to change by small improvements that lead to big returns. Our Customer Success Team will guide you along the way. Don‘t worry rather tackle new frontiers for the better.

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Better AND easier guest communication

Do not compromise at communication better with your guests. At least if you use Hotel MSSNGR. Often communicating better by offering more guest channels and features to your guests is on cost of more workload for the hotel‘s team. Not so with Hotel MSSNGR! Our system allows you to merit all benefits of a state of the art guest communication with up to eight communication channels while reducing and simplifying the work for your team tremendously. Do not trust these word – test us!

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Login or no login?

Both is possible, both makes sense. Would you like to limit the use of your Hotel MSSNGR app (or part of it) to guests onsite? Or to registered users? Then switch on our login feature which easily connects via OAuth to your existing login system. Alternatively use social media logins to authenticate your users. Most of Hotel MSSNGR clients provide an open app to invite as many users as possible – some booking features might then be accessible after logging only.

Do I need a native app?

The very short answer is YES, native apps still make much sense. And this is exactly why they are a major guest communication channel we offer. Among seven others. Performance wise native apps beat progressive web apps. Their UX is superior and due to OS specific elements used to large parts of the users. Certain features as e.g. offline availability and the reception of push messages are rather hard to replicate in browser based apps. And having a guest installed your app on her smart phone’s home screen is one of the best marketing wins you can achieve. And no, no one installs website URLs as app icons on their phone’s home screen (at least no one we know of).

You decide or please do cherry picking

We at Hotel MSSNGR want to serve and support you and your team. This is why we encourage you to do cherry picking. From our modular product basket for communication channels and features simply chose the ones which fit your guests, your property and your team. You are the hotelier, you know the best. And we are more than happy to support you in whatever choice you made.

API driven - our integrations approach

Hotel MSSNGR is an open house. Our software architecture is API driven from the ground. We offer our interface to export and import data to every third party system. As all our products use the API themselves, rest assured that our API is well maintained and documented.

Discover our integrations and API approach!

Content agnostic

Although our team has strong believes, we are easy with two things: Which content you put into the Hotel MSSNGR CMS and which channels you prefer to use (see other posts on the latter topic on this page). Please feel invited to feed every type of content you think is valuable to your guests into Hotel MSSNGR. We take almost all file types like videos, texts, documents, audio files. You know your guests, your property the best – and Hotel MSSNGR supports you with pride on communicating the right content in almost every possible way.

Cloud based and SaaS

Hotel MSSNGR is cloud based (as all modern software should probably be). No local installations. No updates. A browser based website is your CMS. Accessible from anywhere on the world. No backups required. As with all modern software as a service products (SaaS) we care about all the nasty software admin tasks. Tell this your IT department and they will answer with a smile 😄😄😄.

Channel agnostic

As we are content agnostic, we are channel agnostic, too. Meaning, you, the hoteliers decide on which guest communication channels make most sense for your guests, your team and your property. We will support any choice of our eight communication channels. Only if you want, we are happy to share our advice on what makes most sense.


BYOD stands for “bring your own device”. Whenever possible, you should leverage the personal devices of your guests as the platform to communicate on. Why?

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