Sports court booking made easy

Without a central and digital solution managing an array of different sports courts is a challenge. Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engine for sports courts puts a lot of easy on this issue. A central inventory to be accessed for both, online and conventional offline bookings. A booking dashboard to set up conditions and availabilities. And a convenient booking interface in the hotel’s web app and native apps. It’s all there with Hotel MSSNGR.

One click for everything

Plans change. Weather changes. If so, no problem, no extra work for your team. As your guests can alter their plans themselves 24/7, flexibility is max. Of course, all within limits as you can set rules of until when changes and cancellation can be made.

Cross-selling made easy

Equipment? Training lessons? Guests are open for of recommendations. Let them know what fits best with their sports court reservation. Most likely this will increase revenues. Most efficiently with the guest self-serving herself.

Single source of inventory

Hotel MSSNGR’s sports court booking is a solution for your self-service bookings via your Hotel MSSNGR app but also for all conventional “via staff” bookings. As your staff enters all bookings in the simple and easy to use Hotel MSSNGR content hub, a single inventory covers all requests. No overbookings. All in realtime. Happy guests and happy staff! 😃

More than one? More than two?

With Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engine, it’s easy to limit the number of courts to be booked in parallel. If necessary avoid a party to book several courts, which can disappoint other guests.

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