Room and food service powered by Hotel MSSNGR

Excellent room service is essential for the satisfaction of your guests – yet a great logistical effort. Boost your productivity, simplify work flows and save your staff valuable time through a smart and convenient management of incoming inquiries. Your guests will enjoy a convenient self service tool to browse your menus and order from your fine selection.



Food service at the pool and at the beach

Hotel MSSNGR’s room and food service ordering comes handy in all hotel areas without a constant waiter presence. Offer your guests access to your fine selection of culinary delights while. With your Hotel MSSNGR web app and native apps your guest can conveniently browse digital menu cards and order right away.

Digital menus

Reduce paper-based, printable menus and take advantage of our ever-customizable digital menu cards which can easily be maintained through Hotel MSSNGR’s content hub.
Not only does this ensure easy an access for your guests but it also allows for constant updates and changing menus with no effort.

Images & Videos

Promote your meals and deals. Visualization is key when it comes to driving sales – which is why our feature offers the option to catch your guest’s attention with advertising images and videos. They can browse menus on their own devices, get inspired and easily place an order – with just a few clicks!

Never miss an order: Our notification system

In order to speed up the room service process without overlooking incoming orders, our booking feature provides a dual notification function. This allows notifications to be sent both within the system and extended as SMS to the responsible persons’ devices. This ensures the optimal and efficient management of orders but also keeps the quality of your service high as ever.

Where is my food?

Give your guests what they’re looking for and offer them full transparency in the booking progress by using the status updates of our room service booking feature. Real time updates on receiving, processing or completing their order keep them current at all times and enables your team to complete their tasks to the highest standard with no time wasted.

What else can we offer?

Getting suitable side dishes or menu options recommended is part of an excellent dining experience. To meet this promise to the fullest, our table booking feature not only adds an increasing chance of upselling – instead it is also a great way to highlight signature dishes to your guests. Supporting them in their food choices for the best experience imaginable.


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