Efficiency and upselling - that's what our powerful features are built for

Hotel MSSNGR’s powerful features enable you to serve your guests the way they would like to be served. And the way that is best for your team. Our features work both ways, as self-service options for your guests and as modern cloud-based tools for your team. They always increase the efficiency of your team to free up time to work directly with your guest. And by the way, boost on-site sales to over € 1,500 per guest per stay!

The core of Hotel MSSNGR - our content hub

Hotel MSSNGR‘s content hub is the place of work for your team. The cockpit for your entire onsite guest communication. Your team will love our intelligent tools, superior usability and powerful features. Let‘s take a closer look!

Take a close look at our content hub

Upselling made easy - our booking engines

Onsite revenue larger than € 1500 per guest per stay* is processed with the help of Hotel MSSNGR‘s booking engines. There is almost no service, offer or product that cannot be booked, reserved or purchased. And if so, we gladly show you our third party integrations.

See how Hotel MSSNGR helps with upselling

example of a Hotel MSSNGR TV-Screen in landscape and portrait mode


All of Hotel MSSNGR‘s guest touch points are ideal for presenting partners to your guests. Our advertising center enables several sponsorship models, both static and performance-based. Use your digital communication powered by Hotel MSSNGR to provide your guests with valuable information about your partners while the partners complement each other financially.

picture of a desktop with the Hotel MSSNGR analytics screen

What‘s going on in my hotel?

Sounds strange? We thought so too. When speaking with many hoteliers, many told us that detailed guest behavior onsite was a kind of a black box for them. In order to fine tune the services and offers, hoteliers would like to know what is of interest for which type of guest. Sounds familiar? Hotel MSSNGR‘s analytics toolbox sheds light on the dark black box.

Immerse yourself in our analytics toolbox!

*per guests who either performed min. 1 booking/reservation per stay via the Hotel MSSNGR native and web app of the hotel and/or via the hotel staff which used the Hotel MSSNGR back office booking engines to administer this booking.

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