Offer more to sell more

Hotel MSSNGR cart booking engine is built to generate more onsite revenue. This is all we had in mind when designing this feature. Attractive and convenient for your guests. Convenient and efficient for your team.

Images and videos

Videos and images are essential to sell your fine services. Hotel MSSNGR’s cart booking engines supports audio and visual explanation of your products. Convince your guests and sell more with Hotel MSSNGR.

How much is this?

Offer discounts and package deals when it helps your business. Combine different product to grow the cart size. All possible with Hotel MSSNGR’s cart booking engine.


Enhance cross selling by adding recommendations to your products. Enhance the tennis court booking with new balls. Recommend a baby sitter to the table booking at your fine dining restaurants. That’s how Hotel MSSNGR helps to grow your onsite revenue.

Sports equipment

A major use case for our cart booking engine. Offer the purchase or rental of sports equipment. Four bicycles to be rent by a family, different sizes, two e-Bikes, helmets for everybody. Click & Collect from within your Hotel MSSNGR native app. Convenient and easy for you and your guests!

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