Digital is (always) better - the Hotel MSSNGR kids club registration

Like many others, the idea to offer also a kids club registration feature came from of our many fantastic clients: If guest are able to book a restaurant table via the Hotel MSSNGR native apps and the web app – why not to offer also signing up and registering your children for the hotel‘s kids club? After offering this feature, where parents sign up for their children to be cared in the kids club, including allergies, special treatments, noting all emergency information and actually checking in when arriving at the local kids club, the feedback is overwhelming. „This changes everything“ sums it up quite well. Massively reduced admin work for the nannies, no more handwritten lists and everything perfectly archived are the advantages for the hotel. And parents can pre fill in and reuse their kid‘s data, dropping them of is even less a hassle.

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Speedy admin

Admin process are a must. But lenghty and complicated process are distracting. Hotel MSSNGR’s kids club registration speeds up admin work while maintaining highes process standards. So to ensure your kids club team can focus on the really important tasks: Making the stay also for your youngest guest an unforgettable highlight.

Emergency information at hand

An emergency happens always when there’s no need for it at all. Stress is at maximum levels and things need to happen fast. Need to grab to the folder with the emergency telephone number of the grand parents? Is all written down readably? Is the folder quickly accessible? Unfortunately chances are good, that information is not at hand as it should be. Not so with Hotel MSSNGR. Hotel MSSNGR’s back office is where all emergency information is stored. Access it online or print it out. Everything there, accessible anytime. If the parents change an information, it is updated in real time.

Expedited checkin

Remember parents and their kids queuing at the kids club entrance to check in. Waiting in line to fill in their children’s information? Avoid this stressful situation for you and the families with Hotel MSSNGR. As all information is filled in beforehand, the checkin is quick and personal. Sounds like the right start into children’s fun park, right?

Digital archive

Need to look up who was a guest at your kids club two weeks ago. Need to research who dropped them off and who picked them up? Archived hand written lists can be quite stressful. Hard to read, missing pieces, empty fields. Hotel MSSNGR is all digital, accessible from anywhere, all readable, all required information ALWAYS filled in. Focus on the kids, not on admin tasks.

Walkin function

Of course you do not turn anyone away who has not preregistered using Hotel MSSNGR’s kids club registration tool. That’s why there is the walk-in function. Anyone can enter all data onsite. Either on a hotel device or using their own smartphone via a QR code printed on site. It is super easy and efficient!

Pre fill in

Guests booked a stay at your fine hotel to get relaxed and slow down. At least they did for sure not book a stressful vacation. Hotel MSSNGR’s kids club registration takes the stress from registering your guest’s children to your hotel’s kids club. By filling in all information required – personal data, allergies, special treatments, emergency information etc. – conveniently before arriving at the kids club, stress is not even allowed to creep in. ☺️

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