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Hotel MSSNGR is API based by design. This basic principle of modern software design ensures that all content is accessible by third party programs. Our API is built as an importer, too. All data stored in other systems can be imported easily into the Hotel MSSNGR CMS. As the API is also used for our own applications of Hotel MSSNGR, rest assured it is well documented and monitored closely.

Deeply integrated with the leading PMS

Hotel MSSNGR integrates with major PMS not only to enable a detailed exchange of information, but also to cross utilize features. Pre-checkin, retrieving reservations to personalize communication, book services to your room bill via the Hotel MSSNGR apps are often cited requests from our clients.

Whatever the guest wants

Of course, it’s all about the guest experience. Imagine, if even your electronic communication like the Hotel MSSNGR apps would know about the preferences of your guests. Offering them their favorite wine, inviting them to concerts they most likely love. Connecting Hotel MSSNGR to CRM systems is not a big deal to our open and well documented API.

Like a webcam on your website

Webcams are a nice tool to invite potential guests onsite. Hotel MSSNGR’s website integration enables you to do the same via onsite guest information. As visitors to your website see what’s going on through a webcam, they can read about what’s going on by sharing your guest information via your existing website. Let them read about your culinary highlights, about all the activities going on, your comforting spa courses and treatments. All easily integrated via an iframe solution or alternatively with all flexibility via our JSON or XML API. All displayed content can be filtered to display especially attractive content.

Your trip is about to start

Your guests can’t await to come to your property. As the vacation is about to beginn, excitement is at peak levels. Hotel MSSNGR’s newsletter integration delivers all content from Hotel MSSNGR’s CMS directly to your existing newsletter engine. This enables you to sent out personalized pre arrival newsletters citing the most relevant and exciting information. Let your guests prepare their trip, engage them to book and reserve upfront for activities and treatments. Start into onsite upselling, even before your guests arrived.

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