Easy, efficient and environmentally friendly - digital door keys

Smart phones already handle quite a lot of our most personal issues. Access control currently progresses a lot. Car keys, home keys, office access and hotel room keys. Hotel MSSNGR‘s smart phone apps are built to perform also as room keys. If you want, combine this with a checkin integration to your PMS and payment provider to offer a truly contactless arrival for your guests.

Efficient and eco friendly

Room keys on the mobile phone are super efficient. No more coding efforts at the reception. A late check out can be handled via chat or phone, no physical recoding of cards anymore. It is cost efficient as well – up to 75% of handed out cards are never returned – calculate this with the costs per card! And think about these cards not be thrown away. 🌻🌳

Always at hand

We almost never leave our smart phone behind. Not so true for key cards. Enhance your guest‘s experience further by offering key cards on their smart phone within your Hotel MSSNGR app. Again this will help your team to save work as guests reporting on forgotten or lost key cards will decrease significantly.

100% secure

Of course this is ultimately important. And it is 100% delivered. Hotel MSSNGR is certified by each door lock vendor we integrate with. Essentially smart phone based key cards are even more safe then physical ones. 🔐

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