Hotel MSSNGR‘s booking engines take your hotel's efficiency to the next level!

Hotel MSSNGR‘s integrated booking engines enable you to manage all types of bookings on a cloud based, user friendly platform. Developed exclusively for the use in hotels, the booking engines offer all functions and are able to cope with any required complexity in order to keep your guest experience at the highest level while significantly improving your processes. Everything you need to book, buy or reserve is taken care of. As always, Hotel MSSNGR’s approach: you are the hotelier, you know best how to serve your guests. And then Hotel MSSNGR manages everything behind the scenes.

Offers and cart booking

Hotel MSSNGRs offers feature is your electronic shopping window. This feature displays all and everything you want to either offer for free or sell to your guests. Applying a more visual display, this feature is a handy way to prolong your merchandize and souvenir shops and all other items capable of being up- and cross-sold into your digital guest communication channels.

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Remote pre-checkin

If you want to further reduce the time your staff spends with administrative tasks like filling guest checkin forms? Hotel MSSNGR‘s checkin engine enables your guest do all this on her own. This will free a tremendous amount of time your team can now spent with the guests! Find out more about how our checkin solution can help you!

Third parties welcome!

Besides our own booking engines, the Hotel MSSNGR booking engines easily integrate third party booking engines as well as web shops. If booking engines are in place and neatly working, Hotel MSSNGR does not require to change a running system. Simply integrate them into the Hotel MSSNGR apps. No need to change a good process. And all option to change to Hotel MSSNGR’s proprietory booking engines in the future, once needed.

Beach and pool chair reservation

Managing your pool and beach chair reservation can be an annoying task. Many backs and forths of booking and cancellations. Your guests approaching many different members of your staff. Of rather low priority to you but at the same time very important to your guests. With the Hotel MSSNGR beach and pool chair reservation engine, you can simply outsource this task as a self service one to your guests. And if you get a conventional request to book a chair by walk-in or call, our booking engine will handle this request easily as well. Click here to read about all our booking engine has to offer.

Never too complex

Hotel MSSNGR’s booking engines were developed closely together with our state of the art customers. The most demanding 4 and 5* hotels told us their requirements on booking engines. And we developed and met them. By this, Hotel MSSNGR booking engines handle the most complex and demanding booking setups. Again a Hotel MSSNGR feature to save a vast amount of resources to even better serve the hotel’s guests.

Activity bookings

Activities like sports classes, kids games or cultural events play a big role in your hotel? Guests love your activity program, a main driver to book a stay at your property? Hotel MSSNGR‘s activity booking engine is the perfect solution to massively improve your admin processes on booking your guests into these activities and managing the bookings afterwards. Our cloud-based booking engines handles all offline booking like walk-ins and call-ins alike but gives you – optionally – the ability to let your guest book a seat by using the activity booking feature in the app. Click here to find out more about this powerful tool!

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Kids club booking

Your kids club is an important and frequently used service. But honestly, the admin work all around this drives everyone team member almost crazy. This is why Hotel MSSNGR built the kids club booking. Parents register their children themselves via your Hotel MSSNGR app – all is there photo upload, emergency details, allergies, special treatments, acknowledging the terms. Check in/check out all digital. An everlasting digital archive in the cloud. It’s that easy.

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Service bookings

Hotel MSSNGR‘s service booking engine serves all requests a guest can think of. Name it late checkouts, amenities upon arrival, transfers, additional pillows – simply everything. This simple and handy tool enables your guests to use an alternative communication channel to request additional services to enlighten her stay. Find out all the services booking engine can do for you by clicking here!

Sports courts reservations

Do you want to offer your guests the possibility to book your tennis courts or soccer fields or boccia courts (and of course all other sports, too) directly via the Hotel MSSNGR app? Then activate the sports court booking function. No need to say, that this booking engine will handle all offline bookings – walkins and phone calls – simultaneously. It is mega powerful and saves you a significant amount of daily work on syncing and coordinating all sports courts reservation across your property. Click here to get the full picture of what Hotel MSSNGR can do for you!

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Room service orders

Room service is a hard to manage job but an essential offer to your guests. Keeping the operations efficient and the service level high at the same time is quiet a challenge. Hotel MSSNGR helps you to accomplish exactly this. Our room service booking engine provides your guests with a mouth watering digital menu and let’s you promote add ons to increase revenues. The easy to use tool runs on the guests smart phones in your very own Hotel MSSNGR web app and of course also in the native apps. F&B staff on duty will receive the orders in our central content hub. Notifications can be escalated to SMS or text-to-speech phone calls to ensure all orders are dealt with in time.

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Concierge book

All digital? Really? An often overseen and still analogue process is the concierge desk. Old school is definitely impressive and trust worthy. But is it efficient as well? Not quiet – that’s why Hotel MSSNGR developed the electronic and fully digital concierge book. All online, accessible from everywhere, no data lost, multiple users in parallel. Simply all advantages of a fully digital solution. Again, free time so that your concierges can care even more for their guests.

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picture of the Hotel MSSNGR app and icons of concierge and telephone

Always in sync

By design, all online and offline bookings are handled in the same database. This avoids any non-synced paper based booking forms and the associated over-bookings. Hotel staff will love this tool and kick the paper based booking forms for good!

Restaurant table booking

Does your restaurant still rely on a paper based restaurant reservation system? If so, take a minute to think through the major advantages of replacing this with a state of the art, cloud based, always in sync and easy to use software. Accessible from all locations, with a user management system – we promise not anything below revolutionizing your restaurant booking process.

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