Providing top quality service while beeing highly efficient - our activity feature

Deliver an excellent all-round service before your guests can even ask for it.
Promote your daily hotel activities by using Hotel MSSNGR’s activity feature keeping your guests current at all times. A strong mobile presence that creates a seamless on-the-go booking experience is key to positively influencing guest decisions and driving conversions. With our activity feature you will not only automate daily operations but also provide a powerful marketing tool that allows for an efficient upsell of everyday events, courses and trips.


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Individual on-demand guest experience

Let your guests decide when and where to see what’s going on at your hotel. If they decide to participate, let them book right away. Send the a real time confirmation. And if plans change, they can cancel themselves. Super easy, super flexible! And it saves quite some time for your team. And all guests prefer to book old school via your staff – very fine, too!

Flexible recurrence rules

Time is essential – yet usually in short supply. So don’t worry about maintaining multiple activities every day. Our intuitive and easy-to-use content hub enables you to set up various recurrence rules for automatically repeating activities at your desired frequency.

Individual personalization

No two guests are the same. And their needs may vary as much.
Personalize their guest experience by providing them with an interest filter option showing them activities within their preferred categories only. For a highly individual, on-demand service and a significant impact on your activity sales.

Setting time frames

Maintain your on-point planning capability. Using the Hotel MSSNGR activity booking feature you are able to set fixed booking and cancellation time frames. This allows full flexibility in the booking process for your guests, while keeping you in control of demand and capacity at all times.

Central inventory management

Hotel MSSNGR’s content hub is also where your inventory is managed. Every booking – online and offline – request is matched in real time with existing capacities. Cancellation will free capacities immediately. With Hotel MSSNGR you will never run into over or under bookings again.

Confirm terms

Do you require individual terms to be signed by your guests to take part in some activities? Super easy with Hotel MSSNGR! You can define terms per individual activity and require your guests to accept them at the moment they want to book. No more last minute cancellations due to guest not complying with your terms resulting in unbooked capacities and loss of revenue.

Login or no login?

Want to be sure, only guest onsite participate in your activities? Require them to login to your Hotel MSSNGR app in order to book. For another activity skip the login to allow everyone to book. Whatever makes sense to you – Hotel MSSNGR will support your and ease processes a lot!

Number of participants

Outstanding on-stay guest satisfaction is invaluable but services also need to be economically profitable for your business. Setting a minimum and maximum number of attendees for certain activities will further support running your hotel lucratively – supporting your staff’s efficiency and providing you with valuable insights into your guest’s behaviour.

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