#togetherwestandstrong - Hotel MSSNGR's COVID-19 tool box

Hotel MSSNGR is aware of the challenges all of us are facing right now due to COVID-19 and the many restrictions worldwide. To support all our wonderful customers, Hotel MSSNGR will offer the following COVID-19 tools for free until June, 30th 2021.

Hotel MSSNGR is the perfect tool to engage with your guests while maintaining all hygiene standards to protect the health of hotel guests and staff.

Digital guest directory

When removing all paper documents from the guest rooms, Hotel MSSNGR’s webapp and native smart phone apps provide all relevant guest information contactless. Save also significant effort by the hotel’s staff by providing a digital and real-time version of the guest directory.

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Digital menu cards

Your restaurant guests are hesitant to order from a paper-based menu which has gone through many hands before? Offer them Hotel MSSNGR’s digital menu card feature. Easily accessible via the guests personal smart phones or tablets by directing them to Hotel MSSNGR’s web app or the native iOS and Android apps. The digital menu cards will enable your guests to browse your restaurants menu comfortable and contactless.

How do digital menu cards work?

Digital menu cards and how to set up in Hotel MSSNGR’s content hub – the video is in German language with English subtitles.


Pre check-in

Use Hotel MSSNGR to offer a pre check in to your guests. Minimize time and contact with your front desk. This will protect guests and staff while making arrival processes more comfortable and efficient. Simply announce the pre check-in function in Hotel MSSNGR’s web app and iOS and Android native apps to your guests to enhance your Covid-19 services and enhancing guest experience simultaneously.

Room service ordering

Most likely room service requests will increase due to Covid-19 limitations. Support this guest request and make internal processes more efficient by offering the Hotel MSSNGR room service feature. Guests can view the full menu on their personal devices (contactless!) and order food and drinks right away. Also payment is possible! This feature is also very handy for prepaid to-go orders but also to improve on site restaurant ordering!

Guest registration for external restaurant visitors

COVID-19 health regulations include registering your external restaurant guests with their personal contact data. Doing so while checking in at the restaurant is quite a hazzle for the restaurant’s staff as well as for the guests waiting behind. Using Hotel MSSNGR’s pre-registration form enables guests to supply their required data prior to arriving at the property. And if handy for you, combine this with our table booking engine, where guests can easily book their table at your restaurant. This keeps processes efficient and guest experience at highest levels.

Individual housekeeping requests

Let your guests decide which service level for daily housekeeping they feel good with. No service at all, a dry service to make up the beds and clean the room, but not the bath room or simply fresh towels deposed outside the room. Your guests can easily decide from day to day via the Hotel MSSNGR web app and native iOS and Android apps to gradually adjust the service level to their personal preferences.

Sauna and spa reservations

COVID-19 restrictions often limit capacities in saunas, hamams or other spa facilities. Hotel MSSNGR’s booking feature enables you to assign time and capacity restrictions to comply with the local regulations. Let guests book their sauna times individually on their smart phones via the Hotel MSSNGR web app and the iOS and Android native apps. Additionally manage all conventional offline bookings through Hotel MSSNGR’s intuitive back office to even enhance process efficiency.

Keyless guest room entry

Contectless guest room entry is an essential part of Covid-19 hygiene measures. Hotel MSSNGR’s native iOS and Android apps is the ideal plattform to enable your guests to open their guest room doors contactless with their personal device.

Contactless guest check out

Hotel MSSNGR enables your guests to check out remote. Just a click in Hotel MSSNGR’s webapp and native iOS and Android apps will initiate the FO process to check out the guest: Close the folio, authorize payments and close the room. Hotel MSSNGR enables you to efficiently offer a contactless check out option to your guests!

Remote guest communication

When reopening your property, a activating and authentic way to communicate is key in order to bring back as many loyal guests as possible soon. Hotel MSSNGR’s guest communication features deliver all that e-mail and social media won’t because of the noise from other sources.

Video streaming

Due to Covid-19 regulations the hotel’s facilities might be too small to accomodate all potential participants, e.g. for a yoga session or a literature lecture. Use Hotel MSSNGR’s video streaming function to enable your guests to participate from within their guest room or even from home.

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