Import/Export API

Hotel MSSNGR’s API enables hotels to deeply integrate our unique guest communication engine into their core software systems. For example to Property Management Systems (PMS) and to Customer Relationship Management Systems. Both, in an import or an export way, Hotel MSSNGR’s software architecture is built upon an API structure from the ground. This enables Hotel MSSNGR’s customers to not only feed information to be communicated to guests into the Hotel MSSNGR solution but to also retrieve relevant customer data into their PMS or CRM systems. For the first time, this enables hotels to understand their guest’s journey by 360 degrees.

picture of the API code of Hotel MSSNGR

Connecting Protel and Dailypoint

Hotel MSSNGRcoffers a Protel PMS API to import and export data into this very fine system. Also Hotel MSSNGR is proud to be able to snyc data with Dailypoint one of the industry’s leading CRM systems.

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